Patient Information

Susie happy she saved money.

Lives in Magic Valley Countryside
Traveled to Twin Falls To Save $878!

Susie lives out in the Magic Valley countryside and needed a knee MRI. For her insurance, she had not met her annual $4,000 deductible and would therefore be responsible for all of the costs. The cost of a knee MRI at a local hospital would be $1,558. A helpful coworker told her to check out Innovative Medical Imaging. When she learned that the allowed amount would be $680, she cheerfully drove to Innovative Medical Imaging in Twin Falls and saved $878. After her MRI, Susie took some of her $878 to Costco down the street and had a shopping spree.
(Note that Susie would save an additional 20% off the $680 cost if she paid in full at the time of service.)

Eddie happy with saving money.

H.S.A. Plan with a High Deductible
Saved $1,548!

Eddie had not met his health insurance $3,500 deductible for the current year, but he needed to get an CT Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast, and was referred to a local hospital. He called both his insurance company and the local hospital, only to discover that he would be responsible for the full allowable amount of $2,556 because the entire amount would be applied to his annual deductible. Eddie contacted Innovative Medical Imaging, and was very pleased to discover their allowed amount would be $1,008. So Eddie paid for the CT Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast with his H.S.A. and kept the $1,548 difference in his H.S.A. for future medical costs.
(Note that Eddie would save an additional 20% off the $1,008 cost if he paid in full at the time of service.)

George happy to have saved money on his chest X-ray.

Paid Self-Pay Rates for Out of Network
Insurance Saved over $200!

George needed a Chest X-Ray and was thinking he would go to a local hospital listed as a preferred provider in his insurance. Unfortunately, neither the hospital nor his own insurance company could tell him the actual cost of the Chest X-Ray, so George guessed it would cost about $300. George figured he would be responsible for the whole amount since he hadn’t met any of his annual $3,000 deductible for the year. He asked Innovative Medical Imaging about their “self-pay” option if he didn’t use his insurance to cover the cost of the Chest X-Ray, and found out they would only charge $81.60 if paid at the time of service. George figured he wouldn’t meet his annual deductible, so he paid the $81.60 and saved about $220!

Mary satisfied with spending less on her brain MRI.

Already Met her Deductible with Traditional
Insurance Could Have Saved $258

Mary had a Brain MRI (without and with contrast) at a local hospital in Twin Falls. Since Mary had already met her annual deductible, her coinsurance amount was 20%. Her insurance paid the hospital the allowed amount of $2,370, which meant she needed to pay the coinsurance amount of $474. Had she visited Innovative Medical Imaging, she could have saved $258, since the allowed amount for the same service would have been $1,080 and therefore her coinsurance cost would have been just $216.